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Pressure problem - help needed, who can identify the problem?

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Dear All,

I am new to the forum. As I was looking on the net for a problem we have on our old Mercedes truck I stumbled upon this form and really hope that some members with technical experience can help me...

Altough it is about the brake system of the Mercedes 1013 1980 this was the closest forum I could post to.

The question is concerning the following:

We have air escaping in the middle vent seen on the picture. This is according to the local truck inspection not allowed. (if we park the truck with the engine of it looses pressure rather quickly on the brake system).
How can this be solved? or what is the problem on this?

Hope someone can help...
thanks to all...
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It's hard to tell from the photo what the unit is meant to be, but what I'd suggest is cleaning it all over and looking for a part number.

Since its a Mercedes machine I'd guess that it's made by Bosch. Then either search on Google or contact your local truck factor/Bosch agent with the part number who will tell you if there's a repair kit available.

It sounds like the same kind of problem that the air assist chamber on U900/U1100s get.


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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