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prechamber from 1979 model in 1982 model?

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Hi all,
I have a W123 1982 300D model and I need to replace one of the prechamber due to a brocken glow plug. The chamber is already out and I am waiting for a replacement part sending over from Germany to Australia. Due to the given issues the German DHL does not even send anything off to Australia for the moment but I would like to move my car out of my garage to take care of other things while I am waiting.
I have an old cylinder head which I was able to get rather cheap with all including parts (valves, springs,collar nut and prechambers etc.). Unfortunately the chambers are different (flat on the 79 model) compared to mine (rounded).
I just wonder if I can install the 79 prechamber temporarily until my spare is arriving just to do a couple of things, like also flushing the oil before removing it (need to let the car run for a couple of minutes before I can drain the oil) and other things where the engine needs to run for several minutes.
I am worried if the cylinder gets damaged if I install the flat chamber and would need confirmation.

Anyone can shed some light if this is possible without damaging anything on the engine?

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No. Interchanging the pre-chambers will result in destroyed pistons or heads. If you want to replace the pre-chamber, you would have to replace all of them and all of the pistons. And I would not even recommend that, in case there are other subtle differences between earlier and later engines (e.g. different glow plug hole sizes).

Removal and installation of precombustion chambers


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