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As the title says, looking for more info on Mercedes AMG parts used in the w201 chassis. I found a seller who seems to be selling an OEM amg bodykit for the w201.
mine of the part numbers I have are HWA 201 690 02 40 (or 60 hard to read photo).
The body kit is definitely the 3.2L amg, I just don’t know if it’s original or aftermarket. I’ve attached a photo.

Also, I’ve picked up a set of chrome w201 AMG monoblocks. The condition is rough but I’d also like to know if they came off an AMG tuned w201 or they were just an option for the regular w201. Part number is HWA 2014000702.

If anyone has the necessary resources to identify these parts, I would gladly appreciate it. I’ve done endless hours of research and haven’t gotten any conclusive answers.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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