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Pre-accident value for 69 220D

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Hello all-
My first post here, and I was hoping someone could help out with a little info.
I purchased a 69 220D about a year ago. I found "Chester" while riding my bike around, saw him on a lot with a for sale sign. He had come to the lot from a parking garage auction in 2005- the original owner had stopped paying the parking fee and the garage seized and sold the car, and there he sat for 2 years, so technically I consider myself the second owner.
Chester had always been garaged, and has flawless service records. There is minimal rust, the body is solid, and only one small dent and scrape on the passenger's side rear quarter panel. The grille is a little dinged up and the chrome is as well, but very minor.
He definitely could use a paint job, there is some crackling on the trunk and fading on the hood and roof, which resulted from sitting on the lot for 2 years. The interior is in very good condition, the original upholstery has some wear, the headliner is intact, dash and steering wheel have some minor cracking.

He has a newly rebuilt engine (timing chain was bad), brakes, some suspension work, etc. My intent is to fully restore him, and I have invested about 6,000 over the last 6 months.
Unfortunately about 3 weeks ago, someone decided to take a left-hand turn in front of me- I swerved, she swerved, and we ended up hitting almost head-on. Chester's driver's side headlight, quarter panel, fender and door were all damaged:mad:
Her insurance company has decided to declare him totaled and are offering me what i consider to be an almost insulting amount. They have all pertinent receipts and service records showing all the work I've had done, but they've determined this work to be "maintenence". I've provided them with ads for similar cars for sale to determine a fair market value, etc., but I'd appreciate any input anyone could give into getting a somewhat solid number together to counter-offer them with. They're very anxious to get this over and done with, but I'm going to try to stand firm as long as possible.
Thanks in advance!


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thank you

Thanks everyone for the info- your numbers were about in-line with what my thinking was and much higher than what they're offering. I appreciate the feedback!

Hey p4olom-
we keep him garaged and clean as possibe- unfortunately, this is what he looks like now- he's at the shop getting hammered out and welded. the missing headlight had been replaced the day before the accident :mad:
well hindsight being what it is, i will definitely update my insurance coverage and get an appraisal asap.


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quote for the job

Hi JR-
sorry i've been out of town the last week.
Their estimate for the repair was 1500-:rotfl:
However i did find out from my body guy that they took all kinds of shortcuts in filling out the paperwork and did some shady things, so I do have that to my advantage. He has yet to even track down replacement parts, so I'm waiting on his estimate and should have it in the next few days. They say that the "total" is because the repair will cost more than 75% of their initial valuation.

They were nice as could be when this all started, but the more I push back, the more i get transfered around to more gruff and rude people. the other driver was 100% at fault (both the police and her insurance company say so) but she has disappeared from the face of the earth and has not contacted them or cooperated at all with the investigation.

Luckily the car's going to be in the shop for a few months, so i do have time to fight them over this. My next step will be pressuring my insurance to step up for me as well, especially since i'm paying premiums on a car that i'm not driving for the next 3 or 4 months.

Thanks for all the advice- I really appreciate it.
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