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The first thing I noticed when using Xentry was the lack of chassis number specific information in the footnotes that was shown in old EPC. Before I had Zentry access I was using however that also lacks the footnotes that are in some instances critical.

This sort of stuff.



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Have you inspected the area synonymous to "a violent downpour of rain."?
Old EPC is probably a much whiter shade of gray area but privacy tools like VPN should still be used.
sometimes these show up on sleazeBay: WIS ASRA EPC on 4 DVD discs

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I bought mine off eBay from the UK. lists some UK auctions. I think I got a 2017 version (EPC/WIS/ASRA) Cost under $10.00! There were many to choose from from all over the world. However, few these days are on CDs/DVDs. Most require a download. It's quite a large download, but did get it done. Read details carefully - some are a scam and others are overly complex to install. I had an earlier version (2014) on CDs, but when I went to re-install them, the disks wouldn't read properly. Having the electronic download may be better.

By the way, the EPC part of these work for all model years. It's only the WIS/ASRA that only work for later models.
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