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2005 E55, 2002 S430, 2003 SL55
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Hello 1st post for help hope it goes well.
I have an 2005 E55 with the power trunk opener/closer. It has been functioning properly until last night, it opened fine, but my father in law tried to close it by hand. My son stopped him half way and pushed the red close button. the lights in the trunk went out, the red close/lock button lights went out, and will not function, and the license plate lights also went out, and so did the green emergency trunk button. The trunk will only open manually by key, and close by hand. I looked for the fuse panel but there is no listing for this function. I looked at all fuses located in the Trunk, Drivers door, and engine compartment all look fine. I'm thinking this might be a relay
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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