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power steering???

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After starting up for the first time of the day, when I turn the steering wheel for the first few turns,my power steering pump seems to give out some noise. Ater a few turns it just disappeared by itself. Is it the pwr steering pump problem ? or is it the pwr steering fluid level is low. What should be the correct level of the fluid?<br> ( mine is 1991 190E 2.0 Auto )<br> <br> Thanks.
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sounds like low fluid. open the hood and look for a cylinder with a black rubber screw-cap thingy. this is the power steering resevoir. It should be located at the front right of your engine. Unscrew the cap and pull the lid off. The P/S level should be to the bottom on the tip on the arrows on the white plastic level indicator. I'm sure you're low.<br>
You're right, Will.<br> Thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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