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Pump is a dual tandem type which operates both the hydraulic power steering and the hydraulic suspension. The rear suspension portion of the pump works fine and seal does not leak. The power steering portion got a leak in the main seal.
I have spent a number of weeks, with no luck, looking for the main seal for this pump. Because I need the car on the road for work I resorted to buying a refurbished unit with a 2 year guarantee and I therefore have no use for this pump.
I have disassembled the power steering section and the interior main seal. Unit is fine with no scrapers or gouges caused to it during disassembly.
All fittings and the reservoir are included in the sale. These pumps retail for about $450. This is a great opportunity for someone who is able to source the appropriate seals, to buy the unit and resell it at a profit or just install on your own vehicle.
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