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Power Steering Pump Adjuster Bolt (with star-shaped gear) Question

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Hello from the R107 forum. I recently changed my power steering pump for a rebuilt unit, since my was leaking. Unbeknownst to me, my pump was superseded to a slightly newer style, so the rebuilt unit is the newer version, part number 1264601380. It seems to fit just fine with one exception. My original bolt that comes in through the back, with the star-shaped gear used to tension the belts, is too short. Mine is 30mm long, and doesn't extend out the front of the flange enough to get the nut on it. Turns out that mounting flange is a good 10mm thicker on these pumps compared to my old one. So.... I am searching for a longer version of that adjuster bolt and thought I'd ask here, since that pump (1264601380) was apparently used in a lot of your cars. Anyone here happen to have access to that bolt and/or otherwise able to tell me how long that bolt is? I made up a DIY replacement for now (see below) but would love to find the correct version from Mercedes.... I made mine 45mm long, but 40mm would be plenty in hindsight.



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Bummer, but thanks for that info! Super helpful. The star gear appear to be identical to the alternator adjustor bolt, same number of teeth, same size and shape, etc., except the alternator version sit on an M10 bolt, whereas the power steering pump version sits on an M8 bolt. A 40mm M8 bolt with the star gear would be ideal. Seems like Mercedes must have made one since they show this new pump as the correct, superseded part for the car. Without a longer bolt, it doesn't work, and I can't imagine Mercedes expects anyone to make their own bolt like I did... Or maybe they coupled it with an updated mount that uses an adjuster like yours? I'll keep digging.... thanks again.
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