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power steering leak

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have had a pretty good sized leak from the power steering on my 1982 380sl - not sure where exactly but will investigate next week.

*was wondering if there is a common area on the steering pump or hoses to start the search??

thanks in advance.
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This same thing happened to my '75 450SLC not long ago. Lots of smoke from fluid on the exhaust system.. especially on uphill climbs. I couldn't see where the leak was as it was apparently buried under other components on the driver's side. So into the shop it went.

$700 later I had a new power steering hose, p/n 107 997 20 82. One side connects to the pump but I can barely see where the other side connects (to the PS box, undoubtedly). Certainly a job better left for one with a lift.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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