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Hello everyone,
My 2000 ML 320 (146K) was making loud noises and leaking, got her up on a lift to notice that the high pressure power steering hose was rusted and busted, purchased and replaced, however I still have a winding noise both when I turn the wheel and start the car, (not as loud as before but still there). The other issue is that the fluid cluster light appears for a bit then goes away. I opened the hood and checked both the power steering and oil levels which both seem fine, are there any others areas I should check, any suggestions. Thanks again everyone,

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Not exactly sure what you mean by fluid cluster light, but I would guess it is the yellow light that is an indicator of your level of coolant in the radiator. Make sure to top off the overflow tank with a 50/50 mix of the proper antifreeze.

I believe there also is an indicator light for the windscreen cleaning fluid. You might want to top that off with the proper fluid.

The power steering on the ML's has always been a problem area, but it is an inexpensive fix if you do it yourself. There is no warning light for the power sterring fluid.

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You still have air in the system or the P/S reservoir is no ruined because of the initial leak.

Try to first bleed the system using the directions in the pdf. If that doesn't cure the problem then you will have to purchase and install a new reservoir. Then before the truck is even started, the bleeding procedure must be performed, or else the new reservoir will be ruined.


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