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2004 Mercedes-Benz ML350
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I have a 2004 ML350 and notice a leak from below this metal l-shaped metal connector that the reservoir seems to fit into that is above the power steering pump I suppose. The leak is coming down on to the power steering pump and seems not to be leaking from the power steering reservoir, but the l-shaped connector itself.

It is similar to what this person mentioned:

"So it looks like i may have a small leak...not at the reservoir o ring, but instead it looks like the leak is coming from the metal "l" shaped thing that comes out of the top of the pump. Looks like the leak is on the top of the pump. How is this possible? Is the l shaped arm just pressed into the top of the pump?"

Any ideas or anyone else encounter this? He goes on to say:

"Got it was leaking at the o ring. Took it off and replaced the o ring again. Luckily, my brother had purchased 2 new o rings."

But I am not clear on if it is a DIFFERENT o ring or still the reservoir o ring he is talking about, or if it is something to do with the metal L shaped connector itself? He seems to say that it was the o ring from the reservoir even though he also saw the leak from the l shaped thing itself.

Also, any idea what tools are needed to remove the reservoir? Pliers, flat head screwdriver for c-clip and something for the 1 bolt, yes?
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