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2007 E320 Bluetec, 2008 320ML CDI
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57K on the clock, not driven much in last seven years. It's my DD now.

I've replaced all fluids save the power steering and the rear differential.

Took the car on a trip where it stayed outside and the temperature dropped to high 20's. Started engine, backed out of spot and the steering was quite stiff for a couple of seconds then normal.

Thought it unusual and upon returning home I decided it was time to change the fluid. I had bought a liter from the dealer when I first got the car as it was at the lower 20C mark. Did the sucky and refill exercise with plenty of lock to lock action and then sucky/refill and lock to lock.

Took the car for a ride and had a hard time getting the temperature to rise. I live in Michigan and winter is beginning. Went to a local parking lot and did figure 8's until I think I was becoming conspicuous. Drove home and the temp was all the way to 49C. 8-( Waited until the morning and adjusted to the cold level.

Drove the car for a week or so and exchanged the remaining 1/3 liter.

Took another trip and this time the overnight temp was in low teens (11 F).
Started engine and pulled out - all happy.

I'd like to say that the steering effort seems smoother, but it might be an illusion too (Like getting better mileage after vacuuming the carpets)

Perhaps 13 years on original fluid is stretching it.

YMMV - Skippy
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