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Power Seats W208 CLK 55

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I have new found problem in my car which I have no idea how to fix. :crybaby2:
It has caused my car to become undrivable which even more annoying. :confused:

Basically, one evening after a long road trip I came home and moved the driver seat foward to reach into the back to take out some belongings. I then tried to returned the seat back to its original position. The actualy seat back went to its orginal position but the seat itself wouldnt' slide back into place. I then tested the power seat to see what functions were working and were not. The headrest / seatback and thigh support all move. Basically, I can move all parts of the seat except the backwards and forward motion to let my 6 foot frame fit in.. I also believe that the raising and lowering motion will not work. So currently its stuck as close as possible to the steering wheel and I have to struggle to get in and out. If I was about 5'1, its be perfect to drive.

I have already tried removing the fuse and replacing it with no effect.

If anyone could help me explain what could possibly be wrong or know how to fix it I would really appreciate it.
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I am currently going thru the exact same issue with my CLK 320. This is what I have learned so far from the dealer. In your situation it sounds like you need to re-train your seats. This is done by holding down each of the three movement buttons for the seat for 10-20 seconds one button at a time this should re-set your seat. The key word is should. I have had limited success doing this procedure. Electrial gremlins.
Not the memory buttons, hold down or depress the seat adjustment buttons for the forward -aft , seat back and head rest etc. and yes in each direction. It has worked for me in the past. My mechanic started with the head rest up -down and then the seat back forward- back and last was the seat base forward - back also the tilt. Basically every direction the seat will move.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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