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Power Seats W208 CLK 55

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I have new found problem in my car which I have no idea how to fix. :crybaby2:
It has caused my car to become undrivable which even more annoying. :confused:

Basically, one evening after a long road trip I came home and moved the driver seat foward to reach into the back to take out some belongings. I then tried to returned the seat back to its original position. The actualy seat back went to its orginal position but the seat itself wouldnt' slide back into place. I then tested the power seat to see what functions were working and were not. The headrest / seatback and thigh support all move. Basically, I can move all parts of the seat except the backwards and forward motion to let my 6 foot frame fit in.. I also believe that the raising and lowering motion will not work. So currently its stuck as close as possible to the steering wheel and I have to struggle to get in and out. If I was about 5'1, its be perfect to drive.

I have already tried removing the fuse and replacing it with no effect.

If anyone could help me explain what could possibly be wrong or know how to fix it I would really appreciate it.
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Well after reading all the previous threads, I first went to check the fuses in the trunk and there it was... the blown fuse.

After replacing the fuse with a 25 AMP fuse, there is now a new problem: it only moves backwards on memory settings. It moves in all other directions with no problems using the normal controls (forward, higher/lower, seat back upright/leaned, headrest up/down.)

Ideas, anyone?
Nor-Cal-CLK said:
I am currently going thru the exact same issue with my CLK 320. This is what I have learned so far from the dealer. In your situation it sounds like you need to re-train your seats. This is done by holding down each of the three movement buttons for the seat for 10-20 seconds one button at a time this should re-set your seat. The key word is should. I have had limited success doing this procedure. Electrial gremlins.
I don't know what you mean by holding down??
They are buttons to be pressed, but those are the memory tabs not seat controls.

The seat controls can only be moved in one direction at a time , as in up or down - backwards or forwards. Am i suppposed to hold them for 10 -20 seconds in each direction or are you actually talking about the memory tabs??
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