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Power seat wiring?

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OK, so here is my situation: The seats in my e500 were thrashed when I bout the car, and they are the first real investment that I decided to make into the refurbishing of the car. I am on a limited budget so after going through the pick a parts and such I end up buying the entire seat package from a parts place next to the yards of cars. Unfortunately I did not write down the year and model of the car that the guys were pulling the seats from, and I failed to recognized the difference in my rear seats being two seats. I have a 2003 model and the is a small seat in the back that is independent of the rest of the bench seating. First mistake. Then I yes...I assumed that the two electric seats being pulled had a different set up with the wiring and the seats module. So when I went to put the new seats in I couldn't because only the main clips of wiring plugged right into my plugs from the torn up seats in my 500. So now I'm sitting with a seat that I have no clue on how the wiring goes for it to function, and I have the original seat 's module out to compare connections. Does anyone have a clue as to where to find the diagrams of the control modules, for the 500 as well as the other car from which the seats were acquired? I was trusting the guys pulling the new seats in regards to the seat's just being plug and play items. And what's more is that I removed the control module from the old seat - just the front passenger seat, and in doing so I realized that the wiring had no simple fix as in a plug in just like the other. I need the wiring diagram for the E500, and I believe that the car I got the seats from was a E320 and I believe that the 320 was a newer model. I'm in a pressure cooker to get the car road ready so the I can drive to work. Oh and the other issue is that the seats I just bought are as low as you can get them and it is impossible to mount them in their respective mount brackets. Any one please help.
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