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First posting here, will give brief summary.
Experiencing power loss on my 2001 clk 200k (manual, 86k miles). Happens in no particular sequence, just start up, hot or cold and power gone, feels like minus 50bhp (throughout entire range). No umph, like the kompressor is not working. The engine management light may come on after a few days but increasingly does not. When put on a code reader it has shown p0410 (Secondary air injection) p2036 (air flow is too low) also has shown 2015 s40/3 (clutch pedal switch fault) 2039-16 (recirculating air flap actuator (16) comparative error actual valve potentiometer). Whew!
Whenever we reset the system everything works perfectly, sometimes for a month, sometimes two weeks sometimes for a day.
To date with two mechanics have replaced, Air mass meter, secondary air valve, new platinum sparks and carbon filter. Starting to get expensive and no end in sight.
Seem to remember problem starting after reversing my exhaust into low wall causing it to drop off its bushings to ground. Mechanic (2) whacked it back in place and wonder if that could have damaged something in there? Is that where the 02 (lambda) sensors are? Could it cause the kompressor to jam?
Reset the system again yesterday, again no dash light but read code p2036 secondary air injection, air flow is too low (p0410), reset and power back.
Any ideas?
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