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CAR: W203.007 200CDI Auto, RIGHT steering.


It looks like I do have quite unusual problem with my Merc.
I've done tranny reset (full), I've been to Merc garage (and do have screenshots from STAR, attched) but they can't see what's wrong.

So, what is happening:

I had my car serviced last week. Diesel filter and other filters were replaced, new oil etc. Full B service as usual.

On Tuesday, after I've done around 300 miles and stopped at small petrol station to buy 10 litres of diesel my car has lost power and I couldn't do kick-down. So I've stopped, switched off engine, switched it on again and then back to normal
But since then I think that car is loosing around 10% power when engine is hot (so after driving for some time, not first thing in the morning). It looks like it's loosing only on first 1-3 gears.
I still can do 100 mph in normal time, don't have ANY problems with going up the hill etc etc.
I've searched forums and found instructions to reset tranny (which I've done and possibly I've wiped all errors if they were there so stupid idea). Also, seen some suggestions to replace MAF but haven't done that yet.

The power loss itself: if that would be an petrol car, I would say that one spark plug is dirty/misfiring/not working. But this is diesel. It takes some time to get to the speed, engine is revving but speed is not there. Fuel economy seems to be normal.
One more thing: as this is auto, it should drive but itself when in D and no brake.
It does go slowly forward, but I think before this fault it would go faster and would have more power.

Does it sounds like gearbox or clutch?

Car will be seen by Merc Technician next Saturday to see if new faults are stored (old were cleared today).

I've attached star diags screens from today with some faults stored.

Thank you very much for your help!

King Regards


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