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1999 clk 230k auto
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Intermittant Power loss on kompressor

Just bought my first clk and wonder why i have never done so before - love the car but keep encountering same problem.

Intermittant power loss. It feels like someone has taken the wind out of its sails.
warm day, heavy foot when blasting around.
I replaced the MAF and reset the ecu, all was well till the following day when it was hot outside again and same problem.
It feels like the s/c is not engaging, i have checked all the wiring around it visually and it looks ok.
Called the steelership who are happy to look at, but there is a cost and i am scottish after all.....
Also where can i get my hands on a s/c pulley - fixed rather than emc, I think this may be causing the prob. But i would like to fix the prob before i move on to that.
anybody that can opffer some wisdom please ........
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