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Power Antenna Lube/Replace Questions

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My power antenna seems a bit worn and noisy when moving up and down and I can understand why, this thing is going up and down all day long with the starting/stopping of the car and on/off of the radio. I just had an aftermarket stereo put in (Pioneer DEH-1200MP, sounds great) and to make matters worse, when ejecting a CD (stereo still on) the antenna goes down, then put in a new CD and it goes back up!

What is the best way to lubricate it? I have put White Lithum grease on it, but that didn't help much.

Is there an easy way to disable the antenna so it is always up? How about adding a switch?

Should I consider replacing it with a factory one or are there any good fixed aftermarket antenna's that look good to replace it?
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You can add a switch, like maybe off a W124 series car, its a 3 way switch so it would control the up down and stop motion
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