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Power Antenna Lube/Replace Questions

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My power antenna seems a bit worn and noisy when moving up and down and I can understand why, this thing is going up and down all day long with the starting/stopping of the car and on/off of the radio. I just had an aftermarket stereo put in (Pioneer DEH-1200MP, sounds great) and to make matters worse, when ejecting a CD (stereo still on) the antenna goes down, then put in a new CD and it goes back up!

What is the best way to lubricate it? I have put White Lithum grease on it, but that didn't help much.

Is there an easy way to disable the antenna so it is always up? How about adding a switch?

Should I consider replacing it with a factory one or are there any good fixed aftermarket antenna's that look good to replace it?
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Thanks guys. I ordered a replacement mast (only $16) from autohausAZ and may just replace the mast and see what happens. From what I have read, replacing the mast is not that difficult (loosen the nut holding the mast on the car and let the mast go up until you pull it completely out, then do the reverse with the new mast, turning the radio off to pull the new mast down and tighten the nut).
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