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The seats are from a mk1 TT, so about 1998 to 2006.

This was my design, 25x25mm angle bar 5mm thick, probably an overkill but better to be safe than sorry.

Underside of the TT seat, its designed to be mounted to the floor.

I transferred the mounting holes from the old seats to the angle bar.

Trial fit.

Therfront mounting for the TT seat is not flat so needs to be adapted.

Cut with a hack saw.

Bent flat.

Welded up.

Another trial fit.

I had to cut out a notch due to the TT seat height adjuster.

Welded on captive nuts for front bolts.

Tack welded it together.

Double checked the fit.

All welded up and trimmed to shape with a strengthening piece welded below the notch.

Fitted in place.

Rear fixings.

Primed and painted black and the job was done, except I need to swap over the seat belt buckles.

I also plan to fit the heated seat loom and controllers from the TT.

After lacquer.

No radio? I plan to install a bluetooth amp instead and play radio/streaming etc from my phone

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Nice work.
Like to see some detailed pictures of those seats installed.

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Just replaced the aftermarket radio with yet another aftermarket radio.

This one however looks a bit a bit more "Becker" but unlike a Grand Prix BE780 has CD/MP3,USB, Bluetooth & Cell Phone Hands-Free.
Radio looks good. I thought about buying one of these last year but then decided to have the Becker refurbished. You probably did the smarter thing.

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Most of my "adjustments" have been deletes.

Remove the Disco Neon Sony radio
Remove the enormous boom box speakers in the rear footwell
Remove Cellular One antenna and phone
Remove spaghetti bowl of wires related to non standard electronics
Removed sheep skins
Remove chrome wheel arch trim

There were a few replacements

Replaced the perished center console and painted to match (sort of) original green interior
Replaced dials and switches from console which did not function
Replaced perished steering wheel with period correct
Replaced DOT headlamps with RoT lamps
Replaced perished tail lights
Replaced horse hair pads
Replaced 1990's Sony with Becker Mexico Cassette
Replaced perished dash speakers with NOS
Replaced black Bosch blades with bare metal
Replaced all injectors (Djet)
Replaced Trigger points, MAP and Dizzy
Replaced perished fuel pump
Replaced perished seat shiny bits on the sides
Replaced soft and hard top seals
Replaced undersize battery with Group 49
Replaced Alternator, starter and 00 gauge wires
Replaced soft and hard fuel lines
Replaced Brake hoses, lines and disks
Replaced window controls and motors
Replaced Gunsight rings

And some additions

Added Coco mats in green
Added trunk carpets in green
Added passenger side mirror
Added USB charging
Added Fog lamps that were a Delete on original order
Installed foil backed pad in place of perished hood pad scraps
DynaMat in trunk as well as cabin floors


Windshield seals
Soft top update
Seat Belts rebuilt
Bilstein shocks all around
Down pipes and cross over

Found out it was a bad idea

LED Lighting
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