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Track rental can be complicated ... requires insurance, up-front rental fees and an organizer who's willing to accept the task. It may be easier to team-up with an organization who more normally does track days, or DE's (driver education events) like BMWCCA or PCA and request that a CLK (Mercedes) only run group be accepted. As for costs, it can range widely from under $200 to over $300 depending on how many people it takes to break-even as most car clubs don't view this as a money making venture but as an event for their members ... who will always come first, a dilema when trying to insert others.

There are tracks - Carolina Motorsports Park as example - that are able to be more cooperative and accommodate smaller groups and still be affordable. If there is sufficient interest, I will provide a contact at CMP.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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