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Possible track day?

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Anyone in the Ga area ever thought about getting a track day together? It would be nice to block out a couple hours to push our CLKs and see what they can really do without worrying about the cops...anyone interested?
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I'm in Greenville and would be interested.
I'm totally interested. I took a few laps at Road Atlanta on an SCCA weekend and would love to do it without a bunch of 'tourists' on the track.
I am so jealous! I would love to exercise my CLK with you guys! Too bad I'm in KY!
ky is not too far, i will letcha know I am trying to see whats available
im sorry, but i've never been to a track, how much does it cost?
Track rental can be complicated ... requires insurance, up-front rental fees and an organizer who's willing to accept the task. It may be easier to team-up with an organization who more normally does track days, or DE's (driver education events) like BMWCCA or PCA and request that a CLK (Mercedes) only run group be accepted. As for costs, it can range widely from under $200 to over $300 depending on how many people it takes to break-even as most car clubs don't view this as a money making venture but as an event for their members ... who will always come first, a dilema when trying to insert others.

There are tracks - Carolina Motorsports Park as example - that are able to be more cooperative and accommodate smaller groups and still be affordable. If there is sufficient interest, I will provide a contact at CMP.
I'd make the trip to ATL for an afternoon of track play.
so jealous! :eek: :thumbsup::thumbsup:
is there a special type of insurance needed to take your car on to a track?
Guys, the way to do this is schedule it with another event that already has the track. The Mitty is at Road Atlanta April 30-May 3 and you can get on the track for $35. They call it "touring laps". Chances are high there will be other cars on the track with you, and it may be congested at times but when you have open track you can go for it. They make you sign a waiver (who doesn't?) and then you just get on track.

Check out the details here: Classic Motorsports Mitty '09: Classic Motorsports Magazine

I plan to go with my camera and take some more pics like these. If anyone from the boards wants to go it would be a great chance to meet up and get the cars on track.
Anyone else going to the Mitty? It would be cool to get a group of 208s together for it.
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