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Have a MY18 GLE AMG SUV with the P62 designo Porcelain/Black Leather Package: Front and Rear Seats. On the driver's side door panel right under the door pull there are several scratches in the what I think is MB-Tex (pic attached - not exact vehicle). So far I've tried applying both the liquid form and solid black shoe polish to push back the high spots, Adam's Leather Conditioner (as it tends to darken areas it's applied too) Chemical Guys VRT, which sort of worked but the scratches still are somewhat pronounced. The cost to replace this part is ridiculously crazy as it's over 1K.

Was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. I know I can't remove them, all I want to do is diminish their visibility even if I have to keep redoing the area every so often.

Thought of vinyl wrapping but not sure it would even work given the material that the wrap would affix too, then again I don't know.


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