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I am new to the forum and very close to buying a 2006 E350. Couple of questions for the experts/veterans out there:
1. The car I am looking at does not have Satellite Radio. How can I get the "module" installed to use the Satellite Radio via the controls in the car?

2. Any feedback on this year/model?

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/ post#19 from Roadking DIY sticky ..... for more information on "How to" visit whole thread/

W211 FAQ's
Standard 211 FAQ’s
What years was it made?
2003 to 2009 (2002 in some countries)
Which automatic transmissions were available?
5 speed (722.6) and 7 speed (722.9)
Are the 211’s good cars?
The 211’s are Outstanding Driving Machines
Are the 211’s reliable?
Reliability is average, no better and no worse than a Ford or a Chevrolet
Is it expensive to maintain and repair a 211?
It costs about 3 times what you would spend on a Chevrolet or a Ford
How can people afford to own a 211?
The smart ones are active members of this forum and they can cut their maintenance and repair costs drastically by posting their problems and reading past Threads
How many miles can I expect my 211 to last?
Depending on the maintenance history; current members are passing 120K miles with no problems
Does the car stay together well after it ages?
The 211 is one of the most solid vehicles on the road today, BSR(Buzz, Squeaks, Rattles) with age is not a problem
What type of problems can I expect from my 211?
2003 to 2005 : noisy SBC system, CPS on the 3.2l engine, ball joints, airmatic suspension if so equipped, various electrical gremlins, transfer case shudder.
2006 to 2008: Ball joints, airmatic suspension if so equipped, soft balance shaft on 5 to 10% of the 3.5l(serious), engine leaks on the 3.5l, 7 speed transmission control valve.
2009: Too early to tell
What are the oil change intervals?
Varies depending on the year, 10K miles seems to be a popular interval
How important is following the owners manual on the oil selections?
Very important, do not deviate from the recommended materials
Is the 5 speed transmission (722.6 )sealed for life?
NO, change the oil and filter using the 14 quart/liter method every 40K miles
I’m considering buying a 211 with 120k miles to 20k miles for $5000 to $30,000, is that a good deal?
Depends on how well it was maintained and what warranty comes with it. Maintenance makes all the difference, make sure you have written documentation of all the work .
Should I buy extended warranty for the 211?
If I have a choice between a CPO 211 and a non CPO 211, which one should I buy?
CPO, it will pay for itself in no time and it will give you peace of mind
Which tire brand should I buy for my 211?
Depends on where you live and your driving style, check for tire surveys
I have 16, 17, 18 inch rims and would like to install 18, 17, 16 inch rims, will they fit?
The offset needs to match and beware of the sport editions that have larger brakes
I want to buy a 2003 to 2006 211 but I’m concerned about the SBC brakes
SBC brakes stop faster, dry up wet rotors and provide years of trouble free service, the SBC module is warranted for 10 years and is not a hindrance to DIY’ers when servicing their brakes.
The Navigation system in my 2003 to 2008 211 is horrible, does an updated DVD improve its performance?
NO, don’t waste your money, if you want a better system, buy a 2009 or later MB.
I would like to super tune my 211 with a computer chip, hot cam, turbo, supercharger, headers, etc…, do you know the sources and how much does it cost.
211’s are not economically tunable, if you have a 350 and want more power then buy a 500 or 550, if you have a 500 or 550 and want more power then buy a AMG, it will be much cheaper in the long run.
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