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Possible dme/ecu failure? I may need PARTS HELP!!!

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So I went to the Indie today. Asking why nothing at all is setting.
There was yet again a pending code p1519 which I replace the part but to no avail. Car is running rich and smells it, and appears that only one oxygen sensor is working.
Secondary air injection monitor is not setting.
O2 not setting.
Cat not setting
Evap not setting

He also said w140 was never a true obd2 car, due to the age mixed with original design. The obd2 port was basically to fulfill government requirements and an emissions reader, compared to later models that were made after obd2 implementation in 96. Because the above he thinks there may be a chance that a generic reader is grounding out the ecm and causing it to appear to never actually set. I trust this because last year I had a monitor hooked up all the time and it never set for 3 weeks bbut star had codes. I removed it and 4-5 days later I had a check engine light, which matched the codes.

The worst case scenario is that he said maybe the slack in the timing chain is bad, and/or the cam magnet setup is messed up. week we will go for sure. But in the meantime does anyone have an ecu for a 1996 s420 that works and willing to let go for cheap to help a member?
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Ok. I'm not seeing where it says our car is exempt from emissions. I see safety but not emissions. Or did I miss something?
I know. I replaced that solenoid. Unless something on the cam is bad throwing this code. But regardless obd2 is not reading ready
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