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Poor Keyfob range

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I understand that this issue has been discussed quite extensively. So if anyone asked, I did do a search. Anyways, like the title says the range of my key fobs are pretty poor. I am still lucky to have kept both of my original keyfobs when I bought my truck in November 20, 2000. I remember the range being pretty decent back then. Now I literally have to be within 10-15 feet and with in a clear line of sight for my key fobs to actually engage lock/unlock/panic functions. Key fob Batteries are brand new. Car battery is brand new and recently tested.

From what I read here:

It's my understanding the communication method for these key fobs is via FM modulation? Yes? In post #3 of the provided link shows the picture of keyfob antenna attached to the AAM? My question where does the wire lead to? Does that connect to the GPS/FM/TELEAID amplifier? If so, where is unit located? If related, would replacing that unit with a new or remanufactured one resolve the poor range? Or would acquiring the GPS antenna mast might work? Maybe not huh?

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w210 owners have lived with the diminished range for some time. one trick we
deploy isnto point the business end of the smartkey and touch it against your lower jaw...then press the remote for un/lock. see if this provides you with a few
more feet of added range
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