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Well guys pollen season again and CEL light is back with fuel trim PO170 & PO173 Codes = mass air malfunction. Just wanted to pass along a "good find" for cleaning your MAF. I found it at Lowes Hardware stores and is by CRC and called Lectra Clean, it works extremely well. $6.95 for a 16 oz can of spray. NO MORE CEL!:)

My suggestion for cleaning you MAF
1. Is to remove the sensor from the housing (2 torx screws; Use vice grips to turn tops of screws if no torx of this type available)
2. Spray Lectra Clean or other cleaner into the top open portion of the MAF where the top would be center in the housing. There is a small opening which you will notice a small opening and there you should notice the actual sensors which look like several small pins sticking up.
3. Using the red spray extension nozel, spray directly into the sensors closely and careful not to touch or damage the sensors with the spray extension. Spray at full force for 2 seconds (I typically spray and dry three times).
4. Let completely dry (I let mine dry overnight)
5. Re-install sensor into housing
6. Install MAF

P.S. Don't use the Lectra Clean inside your home, it has a strong smell, you will be in the "dog house" after doing so, if you know what i mean :)

Hopefully your CEL will turn off in about 40 miles or after computer reset by disconnecting your battery or resetting via an ODBII scanner.


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Thanks CC!! -- I think my "Error Sensors" must be messed up because mine never trip up. (and i know i am due for one!!!).
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