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1985 500SEL with a 560 V8
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The end result was anything less than spectacular. I backed into a pole, right at the drivers side frame rail. Didn't even scratch the bumper but it bent the bumper mount on the frame. Pushed it in about an inch. I would have expected much more from this car than that. I was SHOCKED to see the euro bumper was that flimsy to begin with and it didn't even scratch... On a side note, i found a few spots of rust under the doors on the car, but nowhere else on the car. I searched for tips on fixing it, if its an isolated thing, or if i need to take the doors apart, remove the rust and perhaps undercoat the inside of the door so it doesn't continue. I will have some pictures of the before and after repair of my car. Since shes getting a new coat of black paint and new wheels. Just need to find a set of euros for the front now.
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