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POI issue with my nav, when searching by name it brings up out of state place

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So when I try to search for a POI by name it pulls up out of state places. This has happened twice, first time it happened I just thought maybe place was not in it. But the second time it happend when looking for Sears I figure there is something wrong.

Anyone know what I am talking about and know a way to fix this? I have an 06 ML350 w NAV (obviously) and a new 08/09 DVD. I have set my home address and the NAV shows my current location when driving.

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Do you set the city or "current location" when searching POIs?
Hmmmmmm, I didn't notice that option when searching. I will have to look for that next time. Thanks

Do you happen to know which menu that is in or is just super obvious and I am just missing it.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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