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Hiya everyone.. My fathers 110CDI has been getting worse over the last few months. It started with the boost noise changing from a whistle to more of a whine with a decrease in power and decayed from there. I found cracks in the HOSE FROM PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE TO TEMPERATURE GAUGE SENDER UNIT but before i could replace it, the fuel pump?? on the front of motor behind the top engine mount started leaking. The old boy didnt trust me to go that deep so $950 later for a pump seal kit($175), Lube ROBile left him with a van that wont start without the aid of Startyabastard! :bowdown:GOOD JOB @ $100/hr:bowdown: So today i go back to do the PCV hose (no he didnt get time to get to that) and do a general check using this forum as a guide when i noticed underneath the van just rear of enginge and central, an inch and half foil hose running out of a box into what looks like a small (almost coke can size) cat converter??
The box it comes out of also has another pipe which appears to have decintergrated that i assume runs around and to the other end of the ??cat??
Pls help me and tell me what im dealing with here and if its relavent, I assure you i have scoured this forum for months since the turbo noise changed and only now i can see some light have i resorted to posting. Thanks for your time.:D
Other details i am just remembering: AC/heater fan not function,Odometer not function without headlights.
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