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hey guys, how are you? hope you are all doing fine
i dont know if am at the right place of this site but i just wanna say few things 2 those who will read this post
we are students from a university called "Al-Balqa'a Applied University
Faculty of Engineering Technology" and we about 2 graduate and our graduation project is to make a device that is much like the Mercedes Distornic Adaptive Cruise Control System.
so i really hope that u can help me in my search to look and to get 2 know this system, i looked over the net but i didnt find that helpful information about the system that can guide us so we can make ours for our graduation project so f i may ask u if u can give me links to sites that talks about this system (or other systems) with details about how the radar and the cruise control works.
i'll be more than thankful
thanks advance
i really hope 2 get answers 2 this post
thanks again
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :bowdown:answer 2 my simple request
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