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As these cars are now getting older, a lot of issues, questions about maintenance, and mods are appearing.

We've implemented a new DIY/FAQ style section that will contain an ever-growing list of DIYs as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

With that said, if you are experiencing an issue, or have questions with regard to a warranty repair/purchase, I invite you to view the General DIY Post #2 or any of the other DIY sub-sections to see if your issue or question has been discussed before.

This will allow us to keep all user experiences and questions within the same threads, making for easier use and access to new and old members alike.

If you still wish to post your own thread, or if what you are looking for hasn't been discussed, please feel free to do so. I will continue to build up our archive of DIYs & FAQs as time goes on.

I will leave this thread open for now for members to post additional suggestions for new/other members as well as myself.

As always, feel free to PM at any time if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.

Thank you all for your cooperation and happy motoring!
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