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shifter not coming out of park (most common)
airmatic malfunctions (faulty compressors and leaking front struts)
crank, no start (usually faulty crank sensor)
Tire pressure malfunctions (usually a faulty control unit or faulty wheel pressure sensors)

other then that, normal stuff here and there, those are the most common.

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W220's are very reliable automobiles! But as w/ any complicated piece of machinery, many things can go wrong and/or wear out. If you're thinking about buying one just apply the same common sense criteria you would when buying any vehicle: get a VMI, CarFax, service history, and have it inspected. And if possible get an MB Certified used car.

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rickjack, the problems have been covered many times on the W220 forum. The problems that occur with the cars in Malaysia are likely similar to those found elsewhere in the world. If you want more than Streetglower has provided, do a search using terms such as "W220" "S500" "S430" "reliability" "problems" in various combinations - you'll come up with discussions. When you come across one of more strings, you'll also see related links at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, you're asking us to do your research for you, or to repeat work that we have already done - rather than fulfilling the forum's purpose of sharing information.

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Re:w220 problems

I have a whole list of problems for you. I have a 2001 S600 and this is what I have noticed
Rust on the lower door panels. 2003 older
Coil packs-
tire air pressure sensors
seat heating element
V12-O ring seal on intake S600 (oil leaks)
Air Compressor, Hoses
Steering Linkages near wheel (suspension)
Shift Park Sensor
Bearings on the Front Pulleys
Leaky front Struts
Various temporary electrical hic ups.
Air conditioner relays

I love my car but it is a very expensive hobby....Make sure you have the car checked out and have some sort of service history. If you can purchase a warranty....DO! It will be worth it after one or two visits to the shop. I think I am a lucky guy if I get a bill less than $1000.00 per visit.
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