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I've encountered several posts that one can perceive as not being in the spirit of the forum. In other words, we're here to help and there's no obligation to do so if you are belligerant. I want to emphasize that located at the top is a sticky announcement titled, "Please Read Before Posting." I highly recommend this to anyone who is either new to the forum or hasn't a clue about forum etiquette.

I'd like to add a few things:
1. Do NOT post multiple threads about the same problem. This is irritating to those who are trying to help. It also confuses those helping you when you are posting information in different threads.
2. Post your general problem in thread title. 'Please Help!' or 'I have a problem' is generally not a way to attract help. Saying, 'I need help with radiator' for example, will.
3. Post ACCURATE information. Think your post through carefully so that you can get every detail of your problem out in the first post, instead of watching veterans post in your thread numerous times fishing for information you could've provided to begin with.
4. Utilize the ADVANCED search function. 90% of your questions can be answered here from older threads. If you have problems with the forum search function, Google is a good way to start since most answers lead back here anyway.
5. NO CAPS LOCK POSTS! We'll delete them. I swear it, we will!
6. Be patient! Answers don't always come immediately. Most here have jobs or are preoccupied with other tasks besides watching every new post that someone makes. If an answer doesn't arrive in a day or two, bump it by asking politely, "Anyone?" If you post another thread, we will dispose of it.
7. Understand that we are a diverse forum. We have people who post from all over the world asking about their trucks. Some use translation software and clarification is difficult so let's be understanding of this fact when trying to decipher what someone means.
8. When your question is answered, problem is solved, post it as such. Many here are knowledgeable veterans who spend hours of their time for no payment to help everyone with problems. Affirming that the individual(s) information was a help and a simple THANK YOU will go a long way in assuring future assistance. This model thread comes to mind concerning proper forum behavior from those seeking help and the professionals that provide it:
9. And last but certainly not least, BE NICE. Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, honey always attracts more flies than vinegar. To the veterans, I know some newbies can be irritating but let's keep the tone on the level of behavior expected from mature professionals or laymen. One does not expect insults and vitriol on this forum and we certainly don't want to see any more of it, either. It's just not who we are.

W163 is the second largest auto forum on Benzworld and the largest W163 forum in the world. This reflects the popularity of the truck and the enthusiasm many of us have for it. Let's all strive to continue to make it the best W163 forum available. Thanks to all who are contributing in making that possible.:thumbsup:
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