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81 diesel VW rabbit pickup truck baby!!
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Hello Mercedes Forum,
This is my first post of hopefully many. I am tryin g to start my own import repair service and have been doing well in gathering good clients. Recently I met a guy who is a big shot at this dealership and he owns a 2001 SLK 320 V6. So of course I do the brake job perfect using all Mercedes parts as well as antiseize everything, the works. No problems great design. So next I change a valve cover gasket on the drivers side. There is a intake hose that broke and I tried to just seal it with no luck. I then changed all 12 of the plugs and put in the Bosch Platin factory plugs. Well after I pulled off the coils and put them on tried to start the car. The car accelerator pedal will go all the way to the floor the engine lags behind and then the rps surge . The car will only roll not drive. Unfortunatly for me the vehicle is about an hour away for me to go mess with it. A different day I went and pulled the coils ,took them down to Autro z and had them test them using a multimeter. The guy there found 2 coils with the secondary windings not giving a reading. So I had the owner order 2 coils as replacements. The other day I put all the coils on with the 2 new coils and new intake to valve cover hose,and all the wires on exactly the same. Still have this issue with the throttle pedal going to the floor in park ,surging way behind the pressure on the pedal.motor runs strange. I tried also to pull off the negative battery post to reset the computer .I waited for 20-30 min or so and put the cable on witht he key in the ignition on position as well as the drivers door closed .This is a VW method for reconnecting the battery. Is there a way to reprogram the throttle , or reset the computer maybe a different way? Does an OBD 2 scanner from AZ read codes? Hopefully someone has some advice .

I have many years of vw experance , I am finding a new respect for these MB computer systems. I really do not want to let this guy down hopefully someone here has seen this problem before and can offer advice.
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