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Please help me identify the purpose and destination of this hose

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Hello good people,
I just finished putting everything back together after a DIY valve cover gasket and crankcase breather cover and hose job on my W202 - a 1999 C280 Sport. A friend was helping me with the work - he took most of it apart while I cleaned the covers and did the sealant, then he left and I reassembled everything. I came across this little hose on the driver side, sticking out the back of the air intake manifold... and I don't know what it is. My buddy doesn't remember moving or removing it, and I can't see any sensible place to insert the loose end in or around the throttle body, the fuel rail or the breather covers. It seems to fit perfectly in the clip shown in the fourth picture, which leaves the end hanging out in empty space. Que? Help me Obi-BenzWorld Kenobi, you're my only hope.


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You may want to take wider angle photos of the engine bay area you want members to view.

Here are some more photos. It's a vacuum line of some sort, I had another look around with an inspection camera after getting the car started up, I'm at a loss for where to plug it in. I'd be most grateful to anyone with a relevant manual page to share. As I mentioned in the original post, it seems to fit into a clip that's also attached to the hard plastic hose with the flex joint sticking out of the firewall just beside/above in the photos, but routing it that way, towards the firewall doesn't point it towards anything that makes sense to connect. The hose is quite short, unless it somehow got broken during the repair, but I don't see the other end of it sticking out anywhere.

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