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Please help me buy a 300 Diesel

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Hey...I'm new here, and I swear I've tried to search the forums for info before asking :) but I'm not coming up with the info I need.
I want to spend less than $10K, and I'm looking at 300 Diesels (I've read enough about the 350s to stay away!).
What are the pros and cons associated with the 5 and 6 cylinder engines?
Instinct steers me away from odd numbers of cylinders.
How about turbo pros and cons?
Also, one of the reasons I'm looking at MB is safety, and I need headrests in the back seats...I think I start seeing them around '86.
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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the body styles are how these forums are broken up: take a look at the page before this & you'll see you're asking primarily about 124's: the '86-95 E-class.

As for the wiring harness, MB had some poor quality wiring harnesses that went into most of the car line for a few years; do a search & you'll find the exact years, all in the early '90s. Roughly $1200 repair jobs with labor.
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