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Please help me buy a 300 Diesel

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Hey...I'm new here, and I swear I've tried to search the forums for info before asking :) but I'm not coming up with the info I need.
I want to spend less than $10K, and I'm looking at 300 Diesels (I've read enough about the 350s to stay away!).
What are the pros and cons associated with the 5 and 6 cylinder engines?
Instinct steers me away from odd numbers of cylinders.
How about turbo pros and cons?
Also, one of the reasons I'm looking at MB is safety, and I need headrests in the back seats...I think I start seeing them around '86.
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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The 95 E300 diesel is a 6 cylinder non turbo...rare car to find...last of the 124 body style...great cars, bullet proof engines. The evaporator on 124 series cars tend to go out and is expensive to fix 2k. The wiring harness usually needs to be replaced. Besides that change the oil and keep up with maitenence and these cars will treat you well. The turbo models have a bit more pep from 0-45mph but on the interstate the 6cylinder non turbo is as refined as a mercedes gets...get one if you can find it..
best of luck
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