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Please help, I need a paint code and Part number needed for 560SL

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I'm looking for the paint code for the inside of convertible compartment, which looks like the same gray on the inside of the trunk lid.

I also need the part numbers of the little white "fasteners" that hold on the vinyl insert on the the convertible boot lid and the metal fasteners that hold on the chrome pieces of the convertible boot lid. My dealer parts guy couldn't figure out what they were.

1. Paint code for the gray paint inside the convertible compartment, and inside trunk lid (also is this the same gray on the bottom of the body (below the door)?
2. Part number for small white (on mine fasteners that break off when I try to pry them off) that hold on vinyl insert on convertible lid.
3. Part number of larger metal fasteners (might be able to bend those and reuse them) that seem to hold on chrome piece on convertible lid.

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I think your parts guy doesn't like you.

You need to get a copy of the EPC and look these part numbers up yourself. Otherwise the MB parts man wont want to bother with nuts and bolts.

If you look the up and give him a list of part numbers with quantities he will be more than happy to order them for you.

Do a search on EPC to find the sight where you sign up for it. They will ask for a credit card number but they wont charge you if you live in the US.


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