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please help, diagnostic code from radio regarding AC

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code 7 had a 0 0 reading and code 8 was an 84

does this mean there's no freon left

id like to put some in just to make sure it is even working correctly before i spend money on leak diagnostic. can someone point me in the direction of the fill connection?
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I would start with vacuuming and if it holds vacuum add 1 can that has dye and only dye in it.
If it holds the pressure for couple of days, than add 2 more cans.
With EC light on the computer will not engage the compressor, so you need to clear the code in order for compressor to suck R134.
Here is help page you could find in stickies.
A/C Air Conditioner Diagnostics with trouble codes list, Reset, Sensor Data ? MB Medic
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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