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please help, diagnostic code from radio regarding AC

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code 7 had a 0 0 reading and code 8 was an 84

does this mean there's no freon left

id like to put some in just to make sure it is even working correctly before i spend money on leak diagnostic. can someone point me in the direction of the fill connection?
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the EC light wont go off either. 1999 E320 wagon
car was sitting a long time. just got it inspected today so all is well in that respect. how much should i buy to charge it.
1 87
2 75
3 94
4 96
5 91
6 134
7 0 0
8 84
9 27
10 3.1
11 2.3
12 4.2
20 3.2

21 44
22 00
23 32
24 13.3
40 164
41 85
42 104
43 136

literally just got the car running after someone had it sitting a year. have no money for a shop to do anything unfortunately. so i guess i need to reset the code to be able to even install the 134?
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here's apic of codes before i cleared them. i then put the can of 134 on and it registered zero on the gauge. i put the 134 in until it was up near the red line. then went back and read the codes

code 7 has a reading of 6 where it was zero before

then i read the other eb codes. only one left is 419 after we drove it around a bit

also i cannot hear any cycling on and off of the compressor. in other cars with bad ac i believe it just cycled on and off


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thanks for the info , that is beyond my capability to do

can you look into your magic 8 ball and tell me if the compressor is otherwise ok? or no way to tell from my info

my mechanic told me even if there is simple repair. sometimes replacing one part messes something else up. unsure how that would apply here though. we are still unsure to keep or sell this but were hoping to get the AC working to sell without spending much money
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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