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PLEASE HELP, car wont start

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i just got my cylinder head rebuilt. put it back on today. i am a novice mechanic, so i tried to do everything right. after installing the head and everything else the car wont start. the motor turns, but it sounds like there is no compression at all. does anyone have any ideas. i am really stuck and any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you
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Is the crank sensor working they sometimes go ga ga! £96 in UK. This is assuming the head is fixed of course. You must have some mechanical knowledge or you wouldn't have attempted such a feat! All the best with the DIY. Not sure if your year has crank sensor though?? Is there a spark? Start at plugs and work your way back. I always start with the cheapest to fix first, if the compression is down there is a possibility the cam/crank timing is out so exhaust is opening too early and no fuel is drawn through! Borrow a compression tester??

lol Steve (uk)
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