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Please allow myself to introduce...... myself --> New to the board

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Hello all....

I wanted to make a post to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Joe T from Hoboken, NJ and I am the new proud owner of a '84 300D.

I have been lurking in this forum for the past week or so, and even made a few posts. Seeing that you all seem very friendly and helpful, I figure i'd let you know who I am because you should be haring alot from me.

First off let me start by letting you that I have owned a '01 CLK 320 for the past 2 years and I love it. I actually think I fell in love several years ago when I bought a '85 190E for my ex and was amazed by the engenerring that went into a 20 year old car. The 300D I just bought kinda fell in my lap. Let me explain....

My family is in construction and they built a house for a man in the Jersey Shore area about 3 years ago. After he moved in my father & the homeowner remained friends. The gentlemen had the 300D sitting in his driveway. Long story short, the guy decided to spend his winters in Florida and wanted to get rid of the car before he left. He NEVER used it, and offered it to my father for a reasonable price, who in turn asked me if I wanted in on the deal as he knew I wanted something to drive in the winter.

Now, a little about the car.....

This thing is a [email protected] cream-puff. It has 75K ORIGINAL miles, and EVERY option works. Sunroof, door locks, windows, A/C, cruise....EVERYTHING. Notto mention that the body is in excellent shape for a 20 year old vehicle. It is gold, and while the paint is rough (oxidation???) it is still all one color, with no rust and NO dents or scratches. Interior is a little dirty from over the years (seats and doors could use a good cleaning, but otherwise ok). The motor is strong, starts right up, and tranny shifts pretty well (although hard shifts when cold). All in all, so far after the first 200 miles it seems to need NOTHING. Oh yeah one more thing... the guy was the ORIGINAL owner, who is a retired dentist and takes very good care of his vehicles.

Now I know nobody is going to believe this but I was able to purchase this car for $500. Yes, that's right, $500.

Not until I started driving it did I realize what a bargain I got. I enjoy driving this car just as much as I do my $30K+ CLK. This thing is a tank, and is extremely comfortable. And I love the fact that it is a diesel. I like to consider myself a car guy, as I do all my own work. Having the diesel is like a new toy, I get to learn a bunch of new stuff all over again. And seeing that I am lucky to have this classic in such great shape, I do not EVER intend on selling it. This vehicle will be around for quite some time.

Well, that's about it. If you took the time to read this, thanks. It's nice to be part of a new sub-culture of MB enthusiasts.

Pics will follow in a few days......

Joe T
'01 CLK 320
'84 300D
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