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Hello everybody, just registered today on this great forum, here is some of my detail work. Started as a hobby 2 years ago and ended up doing this as a source for income on the side of attending school. Let me know what you guys think!! :thumbsup:

2007 Jet Black 650i


Husky Pressure Washer
Camspray Foam Cannon
Meguiars NXT Wash
Meguiars APC
Swissvax Wheel and Detail Brushes
Schmitt Wash Mitt
Uber Microfibers

Exterior Cleaning and Correction:

Adam's Claybar
Adam's VRT
Adam's Metal Polish
Meguiars Quick Detailer
Menzerna PO106FF
Menzerna SIP
Menzerna FMJ
Lake County White Foam Pad
Lake County Orange Foam Pad
Makita 9227 CX3




w204 (C350ELE)
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Looks good!
Yes, for a Bimmer. But what can Pt Ed do for MB quality, can he reach our standards?

Pt Ed don't feel bad, but I rather see a tri-star sample. I wear sunglasses, I can take it.
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