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Plastic liner...door panels

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Now I can't find what I want. Maybe one of you reading this will know. When the door panels are removed, there is also a sheet of clear plastic attached to the door held in place with adhesive. I think most cars have the same plastic as well..keep the water out.
I want to buy some of these plastic door liners. I saw them for sale some months ago and now I can't locate them. Feel free to tell be where I can buy some! I can buy some plastic from home depot...have to do a lot of trimming, etc...rather buy the one that will fit correctly.
Thank you for your help!
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This is something I do not understand, and I have had the discussion on this issue several times (on french forums, for other cars as well): how can so much water come in that area? Ok, here in south of France, rain is very light, but even though, how come the water from the rain enter so much that one can see it is wet?

As far as I remember, I have replaced the plastic line (DIY), and the heavy speaker device is screwed in over the plastic line. Which means that if you feel there is some water on the speaker grill, the plastic line may not be the culprit, right?
In addition, do not forget that all the wires are in the door frame, so much more subject to rain than the spreaker grill of the door panel. Major issue remains: how do we stop rain from going massively in that area?

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