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Plastic head on key cracked (came w red dot)

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Plastic head on master key cracked (w red dot)

All my square keys have red dots which are master keys.

I used crazy glue but it still cracked... multiple times. I didn't want to replace mine, it came with a red dot originally, but the replacement parts from the dealers and other vendors like had plastic heads without the red dots.

Where can I get the replacement plastic head WITH red dot? Did other W124 come without the red dots? Why did they get rid of the red dots? Cheers
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The square head key is a master and round head only door locks
and ignition.

The red dots used to mean factory alarm. The did away with them
because at some point they all had alarms.
So where do I get the plastic cover with the red dot?
Try e-bay. Or some older dealer may have NOS key heads.
my low mileage 300E 2.6 came with one round key, one square key with red dot, and one square key without red dot, all keys look original.

I was unaware this car had any sort of alarm.
Leave your drivers window down.

Lock the car with the red dot key.

Wait 20 seconds or so, pull up the lock knob and open the door.

Alarm should go off.

Factory alarms have been around since the early to mid 80's
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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