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PlantDrive Single Tank WVO System

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Well, I've decided I'm going to pull the WVO system off my sweet baby. I've been running straight diesel now for a few months and she's still clogging fuel filters like crazy. I don't think the previous owner was properly filtering his veggie oil and now I'm having to fix the problem. I haven't even had a chance to try using my own veggie oil as she's so [email protected]#*ed up that I'm having trouble running diesel.

I'm gonna pull all the extra stuff off and give the system a good cleaning before I think about doing it again. If I ever go back to it I'll probably run 50% veggie/ 50% biodiesel.

I should also mention that the 55amp alternator couldn't keep up with the extra inline heater and fuel pump and I kept having to charge the battery. Was going to upgrade to a 120amp alternator but don't think I'll need it if I get rid of the heater.

Ordered a couple cans of Lubro Moly in the hopes that this will help clean her up a little.
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WVO shouldn't be clogging the fuel filters unless there's sludge clogging the lines. Is there sludge in the clear filter or just rust and particulates?
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