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Hi People,
I've been lookin to own a 107. I love the way it looks but am worried on the maintenance costs and parts availability. Just a guage, how does it compare to the W124 wagon I already own?

With the limited choices available here are the ones I've found so far: (please comment)

1) 1973 Red 450SL Automatic (Showroom condition)
2) 1971 Gold 350SL Manual (Poor)
3) 1972 White 450SL Automatic (Fair)
4) 1976 Silver 280SL Manual (Fair)
5) 1974 Blue 450SLC Automatic (Poor)

Do I take the plunge or should lusting for it keep me happy?

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107 vs 124

Read both forums and you will get a feel for the reliability of each. I am in the fortunate position of having owned a 1973 107 (350SLC) for almost 20 years now and have owned a 1990 124 (300TE) for 4.5 years. I love both cars for different reasons. I do my own maintenance and repairs. In the long run, I would tend to say the 107 may prove more reliable than the 124 assuming both have had good maintenance, just bear in mind that the 107 is already around 15 years older though.

The problem areas of the 107 will be more body related such as bad rubbers causing leaks and eventually rust. Interior plastic will also have become brittle and the seat padding will be deteriorating. Engines and transmissions are very durable.

Problem areas on the 124 tend to be more engine, cooling, driveline, electrical and air-condintioning related. The bodies appear to be very durable.

The 124 is somewhat easier to work on. Parts availability has not been a problem for the 107 although I have heard that some parts required for a total engine rebuild of the 3.5 or 4.5 (eg. pistons) are becomming difficult to obtain.

Whatever you decide, buy one in good condition with a good maintenance history.
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